Window treatment is a process or modification of the window, often with the aim to enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room. window treatments may categories as hard and soft treatments.   The hard treatments: (the shutters, horizontal and vertical blinds) usually satisfy the practical functions.   Those functions remain much as they were years ago, to provide light control, privacy, energy efficiency and ventilation. Think carefully about the practical functions your window coverings must provide. Before making, your decision, survey the room where you are installing them.

Ambiance plays an important role in the happiness of the human being. To maintain it a house must be well ventilated, and aromatic, We look forward to the first monsoon shower after a long tired summer. And once the rain started, we enjoy changing temperature and that cool atmosphere; But when It started to falling too much, it started creating trouble. Absence of sunlight in the rainy season creates a kind of gloomy atmosphere. There is a kind of humidity in the house too. Because of this humidity, you have to

Sleep expert, professional interior and luxury bedding designer Jennifer Adams is back to answer your questions and provide some helpful advice! Today we consider the strategic topic of what is home staging? And how to stage your home for selling? and whether this is something you can do on your own: What Is Staging? Perhaps we should start with a more basic question – what does it mean to “stage” a house, anyway? Staging is simply the process of getting your home as sale-ready as possible. It’s about highlighting your

Style of Front doors plays a role that is more crucial than you may realize. They add personality and detail to home while they have been little elements in the grand scheme. Daily, we use, doors create a tactile experience which leaves a significant impression. Closing a wood door, as an example, feels very different than shutting a hollow door made from synthetic materials. If you are thinking about altering the appearance of your home’s front entry – maybe paint or even a whole new doorway – below are 13

Just as there are many kinds of garage designs, this garage guide classifies, explores and breaks many Garage option you’ve got for your residence. I have lived without a garage and now possess a 2-car garage. I love to have a garage. I really like parking in it and effortlessly access my car without going out in the cold and rain and other adverse weather too. Rationale garages are a vital part of a house. Learn all about your garage options below. Detached Metal Garages If you’re in the marketplace

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